Monday, July 21, 2008

United Way Staff Volunteers for Lowell Recreation Association

On July 17, the United Way staff put on their Live United shirts and went out to volunteer for the Lowell Recreation Association. This is a group supported by a United Way program grant through our senior initiatives. The Lowell Recreation Association is dedicated to serving the seniors in the Lowell area and providing them with a good meal, comraderie, and entertainment once a month.

For many of these seniors it is the one time a month that they are around friends, and have the opportunity to socialize outside of their homes. The United Way staff wanted to help by serving lunch, picking up, and helping pass out part of the entertainment - Bingo cards!

As a staff, we were only there for one day, but the program wouldn't be possible without the help and support of the volunteers who are there everyday. We would like to thank Sonia Pile, Greg Stanfill, Missy Beeman, Chelsea Pile, Janie Wells, Rick McLeod, Kim Spencer, David Matthews, Roger Hankins and Kathy Ford for allowing us to be a part of something that they do every month.

We as a staff truly believe in Living United through giving, advocating and volunteering, and we feel that this is just one of many opportunities that we will have to go out and volunteer in our community. We hope that you join us in finding ways that you can give back to a community that works to give you so much.

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