Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Idea. . .

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I have a casserole I make from time to time....Not sure it would be cheap enough to make, but I'm going to add it up tonight and see.

First layer --- ground beef (I'd have to get SUPER cheap beef, if there is such a thing these days)

Second layer --- frozen peas

Third layer --- frozen corn

Fourth layer --- mashed potatoes

Bake at 350. I eat it with ketchup, but I'm weird like that. :)

I MIGHT be able to eat that for a week -- with peanut butter and bread for breakfast and snacks.

We'll see....

As you can see....I'm still brainstorming and planning.....


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Lynne said...

Perhaps you can substitute ground turkey for ground beef? When I was newly divorced with four little girls to feed, the considerably cheaper price of ground turkey just made sense.