Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cooking My Fingers to the Bone

This is getting old. I am about burnt out on cooking. And speaking of burnt... let's just say I have a bit of a reputation in my family for occasionally whipping up the a-little-too-well-done entree. The pressure is on me this week not to burn anything! Or drop a Pyrex full of casserole on the tile floor. Not that I've ever done that...

As someone at the lunch yesterday put it "the margin for error is very small".

So far this week I have cooked:
- garbonzo beans to use in my chicken soup
- black beans to use in stir fry (and bean dip)
- potatoes (to use in soup and chicken pot pie)
- a chocolate cake!
- fettuccine alfredo
- casserole
- chicken pot pie

Today I'm cooking soup. It's getting old. Very old. I eyed Mad Pizza lovingly as I drove by today. And my lunch meeting at Jose's? I admit I cheated and ate a few chips - just a few! Because who can sit in a Mexican restaurant and resist chips? Not me.

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