Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dana Sargent: Getting Ready. . .

(Repost from Dana Sargent's blog)

Next week I'm going to participate in the United Way's $25 Grocery Challenge. In the simplest terms, it is going to raise eyebrows across the community -- as I (and many other participants) experience in one week what many low-income families (on food stamps) in our area experience every week. I can't spend more than $25 a week on food. That's the amount a person in Arkansas would get through the food stamp program.

In all honesty, my grocery bills are normally 4x's that amount. I'm starting to do a little digging on what I can eat for $25 a week, or a little over $3.50 a day. I guess my first inclination, as pathetic as it sounds, is to attack every value menu in town. Dollar burgers, dollar tacos, dollar chicken nuggets. Then I'm thinking how horrible I will feel as I round out the week. So now, I'm planning thrifty Wal-Mart shopping. The United Way suggested some meals. Most of them are beans and rice, peanut butter and bread. I'm honestly thinking I'm going to be VERY hungry next week..... but a good kind of hungry because I know it is raising awareness. I can turn around the next week and eat a steak if I want to. Many families in our area don't have that luxury.


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Anonymous said...

I just heard on the radio about the $25 Grocery Challenge- as I look through the blogs I think this is about better off people seeing what it is like to live off of food stamps... as I look through the ideas I think my family of 3-8 (sometimes the older kids bring their spouses back!) eats like the kind of food you're talking about, but not for $25 a person! I am excited to take the challenge and try to spend less than I already do. I have LOTS of recipes that would fit this budget!