Friday, February 27, 2009

Depression Era Cooking - Where Was Clara When I Needed Her?

This morning I learned about Clara, a 93 year old great grandmother who lived through the Depression and ate to tell about it. (That's Depression with a capital D, as in financial ruin - not depression with a small d, as in I'm really depressed I didn't get my lattes this week.)

Now she's teaching us all how to make meals from meager means that are tasty and filling. Check out Clara's website or watch the video to learn how to make stale bread into a meal that she describes as great for kids and old people with no teeth!


Ed Nicholson said...

Great post, Lela. What an interesting site! Hope I'm still cooking when I'm 93.

Lela said...

Me too, although cooked bread still doesn't look too appetizing. However, now I understand some of those Tuscan recipes that use bread in soups and salads. It makes you cringe at the things we throw away.