Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, Feb. 27

I’ll be honest. I added a few “not on my list” items to my dinner last night. Not much — a scoop of cottage cheese and a couple of tangerines. It wasn’t that I was hungry. It was the variety I craved.

Beans and rice every day gets old fast. It’s also rather clogging for the system. I yearned for the juicy goodness of the tangerines. They tasted so sweet. I savored every slice.

Food is a physical necessity, but it also meets other needs. We need a little bit of comfort, a little ease, in our lives. Without that, we lose something — some dignity, perhaps? Without choices, the world becomes awfully grey.

If we lived in a culture where everyone subsisted on the same few things, it might not affect us this way. It would just be the ways things are. But this isn’t the way things are — not for most people in our culture. We live in a world of overabundance. The supermarket shelves are groaning. Advertising bombards our senses, telling us to buy, to eat, to consume.

To live among so much plenty and not be able to partake makes me feel somewhat invisible.

Bettina Lehovec
The Morning News

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