Friday, February 27, 2009

Lela - saw you on the news this morning. Good job! I particulary liked your remark about how you weren't starving but something about food being comfort and I so agree. My diet has been so boring that I really notice how I miss some of my regular, more expensive food. I also miss making the decision whether to go out for lunch or go home. Nope, can't go out - can't afford it. We just don't realize that being able to shop, go to the cupboard or frig to grab what we want or what looks good is such a priviledge. I'm sure I've lost weight as well this week even though my diet hasn't been that nutritious, I've stayed away from desserts and goodies. What a long week and I still have the weekend to go!!

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Lela said...

Thanks, Wanda. It's not fun living like this, and we didn't even get to the point of hunger.