Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sharing the experience with my family

I have recruited my husband and 2 teenagers to participate in the challenge with me. We've been talking about the challenge over the last few weeks, and have become quite cognizant of what we're putting in the grocery cart. Just this weekend, I purchased a considerable amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. As we got in line to pay for our purchases, my son pointed out that we wouldn't be able to have that kind of food during our challenge. We have always taken those fresh bananas and apples for granted, but this challenge has really opened our eyes to just how fortunate and blessed our family is. Most people who receive food stamps don't have the luxury of fresh foods.

We have been discussing our menu, and I know that it will be very hard to prepare a meal on this budget that will appeal to all the picky eaters in my family. What does a mom do when the only dinner options she can present to her family are the ones she can purchase with very little money? What if her child is going through the "I'm only eating mac and cheese" stage, and she doesn't have any? I remember those days when my children were younger, and it was difficult then. I can't imagine trying to please them on a limited budget.

I can't wait to see how my teenagers cope with the challenge. My hope is they will share this experience with their friends and truly have an awakening to the issue of hunger facing our friends and neighbors here in NWA.

Good luck to my fellow challengers! This is going to be an eye-opening experience for us all!

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