Sunday, February 22, 2009

Starting Early and Stressed Already

Although the $25 grocery challenge officially begins tomorrow, we started early. And by we I mean myself, my husband, and two kids aged 10 and 8. I decided to start us on Saturday because we've got out of town plans next weekend and I really, honestly, truly KNOW we wouldn't have been able to meet the challenge out of town.

Feeding the Family

Like a lot of the others have already written, my strategy was to plan, plan, and plan. And that was a stress. In fact, for the past several weeks I've been nervous to begin the challenge because I've got three other people to satisfy. I'd be happy on $5 worth of Top Ramen, but the rest of them, they require real meals several times a day.

So that's my first lesson. I'm under pressure, and if I run out of cash before the week's end my kids aren't really going to go hungry. I can only imagine how stressful it must be for those who really are limited to $25 a week per person on a consistent basis. That said, I'm fully committed to the cause.

Deli Chicken Rocks

My first trick: deli chicken. Did you know you can feed a family of four three times off a deli chicken? This week I'll make Chicken Fettucine Alfredo, Chicken Pot Pie, and a big ole pot of Chicken Soup. All that meat for $6.98. Cha-ching!
Stay tuned....

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