Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, Feb. 24

Tuesday, Feb. 24

My trip through the grocery store yesterday took more than an hour, as I painstakingly compared prices to save what few pennies I could.

The rotisserie chicken smelled inviting, but I saved $1.28 by cooking my own. That’s going to be a staple of my meals this week, along with beans, rice, oatmeal and peanut butter.

A $3 bag of juicy Gala apples was a score. I also bought a few bananas, a bag of carrots, a head of lettuce and two bell peppers. I’m not willing to give up fresh fruits and vegetables, but I’ll have to eat them much more sparingly.

The herbal teas I normally drink are out of reach. So is the honey I prefer as my sweetener. I spent a little time pricing basic condiments such as sugar, cooking oil, pepper and salt. I didn’t include all that in my budget, but if I really were living on $25 a week, I’d have to.

I switched personas to pick up a few household items not on my Live United challenge list. It was disorienting to spend $4 on the sensitivity toothpaste I use and $6 on cat food. I compared ingredients on two bottles of cranberry pomegranate juice for my son and bought the more expensive one. (Neither my son nor cat are doing the challenge with me.)

It’s worth it to me to pay more for a higher quality product. I want my son drinking real juice instead of sugar water.

If I lived on $25 a week, I wouldn’t have the luxury to choose.

Bettina Lehovec
The Morning News

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Lela said...

I still say you get more meat for the money with the deli chicken. I'm telling you those things weigh like ten pounds!