Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a great group we have and it was so nice to meet most of you yesterday. It was so important for me to attend our lunch meeting that I gave up an invitation from one of our departments for gumbo! However, there was King Cake left over and since it was just sitting in the break room.... Also, this morning at a meeting, they had bagels and fresh fruit. I grabbed some fruit - lacking in my grocery shopping. Is this cheating?

I made my big pot of stew last night - stew meat and frozen veggies and got a little carried away. Am sure I can eat it all week. However, I do have 3 chicken breasts I got for $5 that will make 4 meals for me so that will include chicken stir fry (with Ramen noodles), burritos, and a sandwich. I did make Jiffy muffins (.52) that will carry me three breakfasts. I usually bring something to fix at work since I'm here before 7:30, so the oatmeal most of you are fixing doesn't work for me. I did miss my snack when I got home from work (sounds like school kids, huh?), but had some applesauce left over from breakfast that I didn't have time to eat. Decided I could either have it for my snack for for dessert. Let the stomach grumble and saved it for my dessert.

Good luck to all and by Friday that noise permiating the area will be our collective tummies!

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