Monday, March 2, 2009


It's Monday and my Challenge is over. The first thing I did before I came to work was go through Chick Fil A. I was starving. I think it will take a day or so before my body acclimates to normal eating habits. The weekend was very tough. I had less to eat on Saturday and Sunday than any other days. For the first time over the weekend, I went to bed hungry. I also now know the true meaning of hunger pains-that's not a pleasant feeling. I ended up spending a little over $25, but I can truthfully say I gave it an honest effort. Although at times tempted, I never gave in to free food or drink and I never snacked to bridge the gap between meals just because the food was in sight-I still think some of my friends and co-workers tried to tempt me by bringing food into the office-ha ha. I'm not sure what the hardest aspect of the Challenge was for me. I think it was differnt on differnt days. One day it was hard not to go out to eat with friends, another day it was hard not to have a little mid-afternoon snack. It was always hard to have my choices made for me; I didn't get to choose if I went out to eat or not-it was eat the PB&J sandwich or not eat. It was hard to ration the food (and the 2 litre bottle of Coke-my one indulgence) I had. It was hard to feel so sluggish and low energy most of the time.

One thought that occured to me durring the week was what I told people about why I couldn't go out or why I was eating a sandwich at my desk. I had the option of explaining the Challenge and why I was participating. At that point everyone understood and gave me a verbal pat on the back for choosing to do it. There are thousands who don't have that option. They either have to say "I can't afford to go out to eat" or they come up with some excuse in order to keep from feeling embarrassed. There is a stigma attached to hunger.

I, too, really wanted to do this Challenge. I felt I needed not only to challenge myself, but to have an understanding for what people less fortunate than myself go through every day. As I have said before, I have been humbled by the experience and I am very thankful for the blessings in my life. I have learned a lot; about myself and about others.

I'm grateful to have had this opportunity! kbk

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