Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hunger Down, Charity Up!!

Well, thank goodness that's over. I was really finding it difficult to muster enough energy to do much last week. I went to the gym one out of four times just because of how tough the workout was on virtually no calories. Below, I've posted my VLOG for day 6 of the challenge. It is, as it ends up, a little more about disc golf than it is my food challenge...but I wanting to incorporate the challenge into what I would be normally doing each day anyway.

I also found out that my own grandmother lives on just $10 in food stamps a month. That was an eye opener for me. So I'm also thankful to the challenge for raising my awareness about that.

Now it's time to get that canned food drive moving in full gear and I am excited about that. Here at KNWA we're really going to try to do as much good with it as we can, so look for that VLOG as well.

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