Monday, October 5, 2009

How a Box Lunch Can Feed a Community

A box lunch by definition usually only feeds one person. But what if it could do more?

This month a box lunch from Honey Baked Ham can do more. And here's how. . .

During the entire month of October Honey Baked Ham is donating a $1 of every box lunch sold in support of United Way to help advance the good of all in Northwest Arkansas. Just go to the United Way website and download an order form, or call their store at 479.271.7838 and let them know that you want to order a box lunch to support United Way.

That box lunch can help to feed more than just you, a $1* can help put 5.5 lbs. of food into local food banks and pantries to help feed hungry families. If you have a group of 50 people to feed that means more than 275 lbs. of food back in to Northwest Arkansas. Not only are you feeding yourself, you are helping to feed a community and support an important health-related program.

During the month of October, follow us on Twitter to learn about more ways that a box lunch can help strengthen our community and help you LIVE UNITED.

*All figures come from our giving equivalent chart, and all figures are based on the power of a dollar for one week.

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