Friday, March 5, 2010

Zero Mountain...A Cold Place with a Warm Heart

A few weeks ago, Amy and I had the opportunity to speak to a group of employees at Zero Mountain about ways to get involved in the community through volunteering. It was a special opportunity because the company recently instituted a new policy to encourage volunteering among their employees.

We think the policy is pretty revolutionary for our area, and invited them to write a post about their decision to institute this policy.

Zero Mountain, Inc. is a closely held cold storage warehousing business, whose history began in a limestone cave in Johnson, Arkansas, fifty-five years ago. Today having grown to four facilities, Zero Mountain, Inc. houses more than thirty million cubic feet of below zero degrees storage space. We are widely known for our integrity and professional business standards. Through the years Zero Mountain has incorporated into our business philosophy the principal of helping others.

With the downturn of the economy and a year of tough circumstances, Zero Mountain, continued contributing money and time to various causes. Zero Mountain saw our contributions as opportunities to experience something bigger than our selves and paved the way to take our benevolent practices a step further.

The charities and causes we have supported as a corporation have thrived. But, for 2010 we wanted to encourage more giving of time and hopefully influence other companies in a way they may not have thought of before. To do this, Zero Mountain adopted a company-wide policy that allows every employee either two half days or one full day off work (per calendar year) with straight pay to volunteer for a certified 501(c)3 charity. According to Joe Rumsey (President, Zero Mountain), “It opens our minds and hearts as individuals to the many needs in our own communities and allows each of us a chance to make a difference.”

In January of 2010, Zero Mountain folks met with United Way representatives and invited them to meet with employees at each facility to provide overviews of the services and projects, as well as, outline the needs they have for volunteers. Zero Mountain, Inc. employees are very excited about the new policy and many are looking forward to the United Way LIVE UNITED Day, 2010.

Think this might be something that might be a good benefit at your company? Zero Mountain is kind enough to share this policy with us so that we might share it with you.

Let us know what you think. . .Is this something that you would like to see in your company?

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