Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spotlight on Great Campaigns: GE and Procter & Gamble

Our community campaign is off to a great start. Our business community has stepped up in a big way this year, with many of them having banner years with their fundraising delivering record results. We would like to shine a spotlight on two such companies: Procter & Gamble and GE – Capital Retail Consumer Finance.

GE’s Bentonville office began planning their campaign like many companies in Northwest Arkansas. Challenges like no merit raises, smaller staff, and more responsibility painted a gloomy picture for their United Way committee this year. They set a goal lower than last year expecting results to fall in line with these trends. They decided to focus on educating their employees about United Way’s work and making sure everyone was asked to contribute. Lead by new in-house campaign coordinators Matt Kennedy and Matt Williams, the committee began their educational campaign by hosting a kick-off that featured speakers NWA Children’s Shelter, the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County and United Way. These speakers shared how gifts to United Way were making an impact in the lives of local children. Employees responded by increasing total giving by 50% to a record total of $50,815.05! Way to go GE!!!

The culture at Procter & Gamble is, to put it lightly, different. It’s not every day you see a company’s executives willing to dress up as characters from Star Wars, the TV show Dallas (yes, that Dallas), and Blues Brothers. It’s not everyday you see a United Way campaign committee made up of 20% of the total employee population. It’s not everyday you see a company setting a goal anywhere near their total from last year with fewer employees. When Procter & Gamble’s Fayetteville office was planning their United Way campaign, they wanted to take a crazy campaign scheme and then take it further. Employees rallied around this energy and enthusiasm to exceed last year’s campaign with a total of $170,256! Procter & Gamble is the 3rd largest campaign for United Way in terms of dollars raised. What an incredible team of advocates for United Way – we’re so thankful!

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