Friday, December 2, 2011

What If....

Today's post was written by Mike Williams, Vice President of Resource Development at United Way of Norhtwest Arkansas.

Today, I was not feeling very well. Nothing serious, just sinus trouble thanks to the generous genetic contribution of allergies from my parents. I did what most of us would do. I got in my car and went to see a doctor. Their staff was friendly and the doctor was very caring as she ran through her protocol and listened to my congested responses and childish whining. After the visit, I was asked to pay my $25 co-pay and given instructions to pick up my prescriptions which only cost $30. I’m very blessed. Today could have gone a lot differently.

What if I didn’t have a way to get to the doctor’s office?

What if I didn’t have health insurance to help cover a majority of the expenses charged by my physician and pharmacist?

What if I couldn’t afford the co-pay or the reduced cost of my medication?

Would anybody care?

Well, you see, I have this really cool job where I get to help people that face these questions everyday. I am encouraged by their strength and humility as our neighbors navigate these seemingly impossible circumstances. Because of the support of a very generous community in our local United Way, we are able to invest in five local programs that are increasing access to affordable healthcare which is one of our community goals. If you or someone you know needs help, I know where you can turn. Pick up a phone, dial 2-1-1, and try some of your “what ifs” on our call specialists. Help is really just a phone call away.

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